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Dr. Molly

Meet the Characters: Dr Molly

Meet Dr. Molly

Dr. Molly looks after Coco and Charlie, whilst also leading a very busy medical practice. She is clever and knows lots of medical things. She is often quite busy! Molly can be a bit brisk, but she is always kind, and has a friendly way of getting the best out of any situation. You'd like Molly, either as your Doctor; or as a dinner guest. She's really quite wonderful.

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Dr Molly is often in a rush...

and only has time for a hi and goodbye!

Molly medical image

She works at...

the medical centre and takes pride in her work

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Dr. Molly works with children...

and treats them to fun stickers and certificates.

Dr. Molly Things

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How talking about emotions can help children develop self-awareness

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Certificate for Being Brave at the Doctor's

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Featuring Dr. Molly

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